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Hebrew letters: B''H

David A. Bolnick, Ph.D., Certified Mohel Welcome to I maintain this site as a service to the Pacific Northwest Jewish community and for those who want to know more about bris milah - Jewish ritual circumcision. I have been performing bris milah since 1987 for the entire Jewish community (Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, etc...) throughout the Pacific Northwest; i.e., Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Alaska, and British Columbia, as well as California, Colorado, and Illinois. You should feel free to contact me about questions concerning bris milah whether or not you plan to use my services.
David A Bolnick
Certified Mohel

Note: I am on extended leave. That said, I am happy to answer questions you may have and assist you in finding a mohel. DB.

Copyright © 2008, David A. Bolnick, Ph.D., Certified Mohel; Seattle, Washington. This document may, in its entirety, be copied and distributed for educational purposes on a not-for-profit basis. Any other use requires written permission from the author. All Rights Reserved.